All About Shanti Sounds - Sound Journeys in Costa Rica So beautiful to write this on the day of Guru Purnima.

Gratitude to the teachers on all dimensions who have contributed to our growth to where we are now. Gratitude to those who share their generous love, acceptance and patience with us and guide us through. Gratitude to the masters who do not wish their names to be reveiled. Gratitude to those master who have inspired us to do what we do.

Ayi would like to thank Dharma Mittra, Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche, Andrei Ram, Astrea and Don Conreaux, and Pio.

Michael would like to thank Swami Chinmayananda, Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche, Don Miguel Ruiz, Don Conreaux, Pio, and the Bears of the Khutzeymatten in British Columbia.

And also for the support from our dear friends on the path, we are eternally grateful for your presence in our lives.

  • The Sound Journey with Michael and Ayi left me feeling relaxed, refreshed and rooted. It was as though my entire vascular, muscular and skeletal system had been re-booted. Since trying it for the first time a few years ago I have returned whenever I have the chance with an ever-deepening respect for the healing nuance in this journey of sound.

    Jess R

    Moksha Modo Yoga Co Founder, Co Director

  • Just wanted to say thanks for the special treatment in your "healing journey", so profound and lovely.


    Victoria, B.C.

  • I have participated in three of Ayi and Michael’s sound journeys...each time it has been a unique and profoundly beautiful experience. The vibrations of the bowls and gongs create an energetic container in which to deeply relax, let go, realign, heal, unwind, go deep, celebrate and transform.


    Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

  • Thank you for an amazing, inspirational, creative, multi dimensional, healing sound journey, (just to name a few words to describe an indescribable experience). It was such a blessing to share this journey with everyone!!!


    Registered Massage Therapist, Victoria, B.C.

  • Thank you so much for a beautiful experience shared.How special, vibrating and enlightening that felt.


    Nosara, Costa Rica

  • Michael and Ayi's incredible skill, innate sensitivity, intuition and gentleness, made my first Sound Therapy session an amazing & moving experience. Creatively combining a vast array of musical instruments, it was a symphony of vibration that left me feeling deeply relaxed, balanced and curious for more. Thank you for  generously sharing your gift & love of music. I look forward to more magical journeys.