About Shanti Sounds

Shanti Sounds - Sound Journeys in Costa Rica Shanti Sounds Costa Rica is Ayi and Michael Mayzel. We are based in Nosara in the middle of the Blue Zone in Costa Rica. We offer Sound Journeys for groups and individuals. We offer artisan healing instruments for sale, allowing you to bring those healing frequencies into your practice, your home and community to share.

We are the Paiste Authorized Gong Centre in Costa Rica as well as the exclusive Costa Rican distributors of Crystal Tones Singing Bowls, Gongland GongsOetken Gongs, Cristal Mines Lyres and Koshi Chimes, as well as Chakra Chants tuning forks and other unique assorted instruments.

We are passionate about what we do and feel honoured to facilitate a space for deep relaxation and healing through holistic resonance. As such, we travel to many parts of the world, seeking unique musical healing tools to share in our Sound Journeys.

As Shanti Sounds CR, we have toured and taught in Europe, Asia, Canada, and Costa Rica and offer Sound healing workshops and retreats. We feel it to be our Dharma to share healing sounds with others and to create opportunities for those living in Costa Rica to be able to bring those healing frequencies into their homes.

Location Information

Shanti Sounds is located in Nosara, Costa Rica We are located in Nosara, Guanacaste in one of the world's Blue Zones, a geographic area of the world where people live measurably longer and happier lives.

The land where our Sound Temple is located was a place of celebration for the Ancients. During an archaeological dig, over 100 musical instruments were found as it had been a land of celebration and ceremony.

We feel strongly called and supported sharing Sound Journeys on this special land.…as if it is a new continuation of the old.

Monkeys, birds, even geckos are likely to add their energy and voices to the Journeys, as they are plentiful on the land.

We feel honored to have been chosen to steward this land.

About Ayi

Ayi Wong Bio - Shanti Sounds Sound Journeys & RetreatsOriginally from Amsterdam, Ayi is now partially based in Costa Rica after being called to be of service on this special land. She is the co-founder of Shanti Sounds Costa Rica alongside her life partner Michael Wong Mayzel where together they share Sound Journeys, workshops, and trainings throughout Europe, Asia, Central America, and the US. Ayi is a gifted sound practitioner who uses her depth of experience to intuitively guide groups and individuals deep into their process. She specializes in individual sessions in which she offers people an opportunity to do deep therapy work in a relatively short amount of time.

Ayi has an MA in Philosophy and Asian studies as well as numerous certifications in various healing and bodywork modalities. From her early experiences with Vipassana meditation, silence has remained a central teacher leading Ayi to study with the great yogis Sri Dharma Mittra and Andrei Ram Om, and Pio Vucetich a teacher of ancestral medicine. She is also a practitioner of Qigong and a devoted student of Mingyur Rinpoche, where she has once again returned to the path of silence through Tibetan Buddhism. As a direct result of her experiences with the silence of sound, Ayi connects deeply with the sounds and vibrations of the gongs, chimes, tuning forks, and crystal bowls and harps.

About Michael

Michael Mayzel Bio - Shanti Sounds Sound Journeys & Retreats Originally from Canada, Michael now spends most of his time based in Costa Rica. He is the co-founder of Shanti Sounds Costa Rica alongside his life partner Ayi Wong Mayzel where together they share Sound Journeys, workshops, and trainings throughout Europe, Asia, Central America, and the US.

Michael has been sensitized to the subtleties of sound for most of his life. As a percussionist, he received his first initiation into sound and continues to bring his life’s experiences to its joyous creation. Michael is a longtime practitioner of meditation and a Nationally Certified Instructor of the Institute of Integral Qi Gong and Tai Chi. He is known by his students as a clear, inspiring, and joyous teacher. Michael has also been involved in Asian practices for over 30 years and holds a Black Belt in Shotokan Karate. His sensitivity to the power and subtlety of movement is based on a deep understanding of the holistic energetic body. This understanding also offers Michael a unique approach to the creation of sound that allows him to deeply connect to the vibrations of the instruments.

Everything Vibrates

Everything Vibrates at Shanti Sounds, Costa Rica Everything is in a constant state of vibration…the planets, the stars, all sentient beings and the non-sentient objects around you. At the deepest level, every one of the billions of sub-atomic particles we call "you" and "me", are in a constant state of movement and vibration.

Imagine each sub-atomic particle within you moving at its own speed and dancing to its own rhythm. At a sub-atomic, celestial, and personal level, our experiences are the products of that wonderful and mysterious dance.

All matter moves and vibrates at its own frequency. Nothing rests. Your frequency is different from other things in the universe; it is one of the properties that makes you a unique being. Other matter - other people and other things - also have the property of vibrational energy which contributes to our perception of these things as separate entities; This is a person, those are animals, that is a tree, and so on.

When you re-conceptualize the world around you as a sea of vibrating particles and frequencies, you also begin to understand the ways in which all things are connected. In that sea of vibration, you are not truly separated - you are in fact living in an ocean of interconnected energy. We all are connected in this way….at the deepest level - a level that professor John Hagelin calls the “unified field”.

At Shanti Sounds, we recognise and fully acknowledge the creative power and potential of energy. By using sound and vibration, we ‘massage’ the vibrational frequencies that surround us. We believe that by working with sound in this way, we can have profoundly positive impacts on our bodies and our lives.

  • The Sound Journey with Michael and Ayi left me feeling relaxed, refreshed and rooted. It was as though my entire vascular, muscular and skeletal system had been re-booted. Since trying it for the first time a few years ago I have returned whenever I have the chance with an ever-deepening respect for the healing nuance in this journey of sound.

    Jess R

    Moksha Modo Yoga Co Founder, Co Director

  • Thank you for an amazing, inspirational, creative, multi dimensional, healing sound journey, (just to name a few words to describe an indescribable experience). It was such a blessing to share this journey with everyone!!!


    Registered Massage Therapist, Victoria, B.C.

  • Thank you so much for a beautiful experience shared.How special, vibrating and enlightening that felt.


    Nosara, Costa Rica

  • Michael and Ayi's incredible skill, innate sensitivity, intuition and gentleness, made my first Sound Therapy session an amazing & moving experience. Creatively combining a vast array of musical instruments, it was a symphony of vibration that left me feeling deeply relaxed, balanced and curious for more. Thank you for  generously sharing your gift & love of music. I look forward to more magical journeys.


  • Just wanted to say thanks for the special treatment in your "healing journey", so profound and lovely.


    Victoria, B.C.

  • I have participated in three of Ayi and Michael’s sound journeys...each time it has been a unique and profoundly beautiful experience. The vibrations of the bowls and gongs create an energetic container in which to deeply relax, let go, realign, heal, unwind, go deep, celebrate and transform.


    Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia